Rights Clearances

What service do we offer?

Purchase of rights

Ulrike Ziegler is a specialist for film rights clearance. She will be happy to advise you which rights need to be clarified for your film project. No matter whether it concerns personal, trademark, music or copyright rights. We research and contact potential rights owners and negotiate a usage permit at a fair price.

What does our service cost?

The processing of an initial enquiry is free of charge. The costs for further clarifications depend on the expenditure. Our hourly rate is 150 Euro and the cost is capped at 450 Euro per right to be clarified. In addition there are the transfer fees for the right holders and our commission of 20%, which is usually borne by the right holder.

Rights control

The use of copyrighted material without permission is common on the Internet. If you conclude a free representation contract with us, we will investigate unauthorised uses for you and negotiate compensation for you.