The heart of the zb Media team consists of three experienced film professionals. Stephan Bleek, Ulrike Ziegler and Peter Kocyla lead the TV production of zb Media. They are experienced film directors and screenwriters for ARD and ZDF. “Our common mission is the conception and production of special documentary films”, Stephan Bleek describes zb Media. “Due to our decades of experience and our rich knowledge, we can quickly work on many types of topics and present them with particular intensity. We tell filmed stories. Our customers appreciate this. In addition, there is a film archive which has been collected over many years in the world’s largest archives and to which we hold all rights of use.”
 Stephan Bleek
Dr. Stephan Bleek, born 1955, received his doctorate in Modern History in Munich in 1986. Since 1986 he has worked as a freelance film author and director. He worked for current information programmes, talk shows, cultural programmes. Author, production manager and director of documentary films for BR, SR, ARTE, ARD and ZDFinfo.
Ulrike Ziegler
Ulrike Ziegler, born 1948, studied German and Romance languages and literature at the University of Heidelberg. In Munich she worked as an author and editor of travel books and as a television journalist for Bayerischer Rundfunk. She also writes for the blog Eigenleben
Peter Kocyla
Peter Kocyla, born 1982, studied directing and screenwriting at the HFF Munich. He works as a freelance scriptwriter for series on ZDF and other TV stations and as an author and director for zb Media. Other team members are Jeannette Scheuermann,  Gaby Kull-NeujahrWanja Nolte, Elias Bleek, Oliver Portmann.